Have You Applied for Go Global Georgia?

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Did you know that small businesses represent nearly 90% of all exporting firms in Georgia? Exporting isn’t just for big companies – our state is home to thousands of small business exporters that successfully sell to customers across the globe. These businesses rely on the tools and resources available at the local, state and federal levels to support their international growth. We are thrilled that GDEcD’s Trade team can now offer financial assistance to small business exporters through Go Global Georgia, in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration.  

Go Global Georgia is a competitive program that provides reimbursement grants to small business exporters participating in approved export-related activities. Companies can apply for two activities during the grant year, receiving maximum reimbursement of $6,000.  

Who is eligible for Go Global Georgia?

  • Georgia exporters of products or services that are incorporated in the U.S.; and

  • Operating in Georgia* and registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office; and, 

  • Meet the SBA definition of a small business (typically 500 employees or less); and

  • Have been in business for at least one year (as of September 30, 2020); and 

  • Are exporting products or services with at least 51% U.S. content; and

  • Have access to sufficient resources to bear the costs associated with exporting.

*Please note, companies with foreign ownership are not eligible for Go Global Georgia.

How to Submit a Successful Application?

  • Go Global Georgia is a competitive grant program, which requires our Review Committee to understand a firm’s export-readiness and how participation in export activities will lead to increased international sales.
    • In your application, please be detailed in explaining the steps your company has taken to be ready for international sales. 
      • Are you already tracking international visitors to your website? Building a strategic export plan? Researching target markets? The more detail, the better.  
    • What are your company’s export goals for the next 12-18 months, and how would Go Global Georgia help achieve those goals?
      • Are you looking to expand into one or two new markets next year? Or looking to gain market share in an existing market?  
    • Finally, explain how your company’s international sales would increase with access to Go Global Georgia funding.  
      • Will it allow you to better-support a local distributor in the market? Or will it allow you to exhibit at an international trade show that will introduce you to new potential customers? Help us understand how the funding will have a direct impact on your export sales.

What Export Activities Are Funded Through the Program?  

Go Global Georgia is designed to help current exporters pursue new/additional export opportunities, as well as help new to export companies achieve success with international sales. As a result, several different export activities are eligible for up to 50% reimbursement, including:

  • Export Education/Training

    • Is your company new to export, and looking for an export training course like ExportGA? Or are you an experienced small business exporter in need of compliance training through BIS or ITAR? Go Global Georgia has you covered.  

  • Design and Translation of Marketing Materials

    • Need to create and translate new product marketing materials for a distributor in Latin America? Interested in creating a video introducing your products or services to the global market? Go Global Georgia can provide up to 50% reimbursement.

  • Website Globalization 

    • Having a website that is globally accessible so that international customers can easily find you is a first step in export readiness. Go Global Georgia provides 50% reimbursement for website globalization services.

  • Department of Commerce Services

    • Pursuing a Gold Key or Single Company Promotion service through our partners with the U.S. Commercial Service? These activities are eligible for 50% reimbursement through Go Global Georgia.

  • Participation in Virtual or In-Person Trade Shows

    • Attending leading trade shows for your industry is a great way to connect with new customers from around the world. Whether you’re planning to attend a trade show in-person later this fall, or participating in a virtual booth now, you can apply for reimbursement through Go Global Georgia.  

  • International Travel Costs 

    • When international travel opens up, there are places you need to go – to attend an industry conference, meet with customers, or find new customers. Go Global Georgia can reimburse your costs for airfare and lodging.  

Sounds like a pretty good program, doesn’t it? We agree! Georgia’s Export Team offers a range of services designed with small business exporters in mind. We help companies identify and connect to new international markets that best meet their specific needs and goals for growth. Go Global Georgia is one more tool available to small exporters statewide to accelerate their export activity and grow their business. Connect with GDEcD to expand your international sales.  

*Applications will be accepted until September 1, 2021. Activities must be completed by September 29, 2021, to qualify for reimbursement. Please refer to the application guidelines and our FAQ page for additional information, or email Global@Georgia.org with questions.