Some Georgia Dairy Farmers See Cash Cow in Raw Milk Sales

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Family dairy farms in Georgia are fighting to survive, and some farmers say selling raw milk could be the answer, despite public health concerns.

White House Dairy Farm owner Marvin Yoder said that because of the oversaturation of the milk market, prices have been driven down extraordinarily low over the past seven years. While some big dairies are expanding, family-owned farms like Yoder’s are struggling to make ends meet. Being able to sell raw milk would triple his income, Yoder said.

“If nothing is done, I don’t think you will have more than 40 dairies (in Georgia) in 10 years,” said Yoder. “The smaller farms are the backbone that keep a tight-knit community together.”

Currently, only licensed goat farmers can legally sell raw goat milk for pet consumption in Georgia.

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