What Does Generosity Look Like in Business Operations?


Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

In this year’s 2024 Business Generosity Report employed adults and executives told us that generosity is no longer a siloed charitable activity. Instead, Georgians are looking for it to permeate all aspect of a business. In fact, there are real business consequences for a lack of generosity in this space. 

We explored generosity in business operations by giving executives and employees a few concepts to consider. As a result, we learned what’s important to employees and what companies are currently incorporating.

When asked to identify the most important way a company can be generous in its operations, employees resoundingly chose pay equity (41%), followed by positive culture (20%) and purpose (16%).

In last year’s survey, 91% of employed adults ranked pay equity as their top demonstration of generosity to employees. This year, 93% say that pay equity (defined as equal pay regardless of gender, race, or orientation) is an important way to operate generously, with 74% saying this is very important.

Everyone agrees on the importance of maintaining a positive company culture: 69% of employees say this is very important. Additionally, 92% of employees say that having a company purpose that includes making a positive impact on people and the planet is important. As a result, we offer additional data and specifics here: Company Culture: Moving from Good to Great.

In the full report we explore where there is alignment between employees and employers and identify the greatest disconnects.